Melissa Waggener Zorkin Presents Brands in Motion at PRAXIS



When: 28 September 2019

Where: PRAXIS 8, Grand Hyatt Goa, India

With: Melissa Waggener Zorkin, Global CEO and Founder

Presentation: 360™ Respect: Meet the new CEO


To win the new customer loyalty game, brands must contribute positive social impact while providing their goods or services—or risk losing market share in our deeply polarized world. Consumers demand brands be part of the solution when it comes to our divisions, as well as the environment, equality and more. Proving your brand understands what consumers value isn’t a choice. It’s a mandate. What does this mean for brands, and for those that lead them? For CEOs, it means adopting a new business model: showing full-spectrum, 360-degrees of respect. WE Communications Global CEO and Founder Melissa Waggener Zorkin will demonstrate how today’s world of motion has created new urgency for brand leaders and communicators. Zorkin will provide critical insights on how to successfully navigate this new reality. She’ll demonstrate how we all play a role in moving people to positive action by showing respect to consumers, employees—as well ourselves, while honoring our personal values.