Walking the Walk: How Brand Purpose is Hitting a New Level

October 26, 2020

The Drum Roundtable

Walking the Walk: How Brand Purpose is Hitting a Whole, New Level

When: Oct. 27, 2020

Where: Invite-only, virtual event


Boohoo, Wetherspoons and Waterstones made a bad start to the coronavirus crisis. They all found themselves in the crosshairs of critics who accused them of putting profit before purpose during a pandemic. But then consider ice-cream crusaders Ben & Jerry’s - the brand with its long history of social campaigning also has been accused of virtue-signaling over its record on migrant workers in its supply chain while challenging the Home Office on its approach to migration. There is very little doubt the pandemic is testing the purpose and values of all companies.

Time was when pundits were being asked to prove the business case for purpose, but this has evolved into many brands attempting to benefit from a purpose-washed veneer, where brand virtue only goes so deep. Meanwhile, consumers have this awakening and newfound influence over the actions of brands and the idea of brand purpose, and are not being hoodwinked by the gospel of purpose and impact unless it is matched by actions and authenticity.

So if talking about purpose today is very different than in the past, and increasing expectations by consumers pose a challenge for brands, should purpose-led companies double down on their commitment to the betterment of society? 

Join an elite group of brand marketers, The Drum, and WE to find out.


  • Gillian Daines, Director, Corporate Communications and Sustainability
  • Patrick Tooher, Director, Corporate Communications


This is a closed, invite-only event.