WE’s Jay Picard co-chairs research conference


SOURCE: https://www.qrca.org/mpage/annual-conference

When: January 29-31, 2020

Where: AT&T Executive & Education Conference Center, Austin, TX

About: The 2020 Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) conference is focused on the soul of qualitative research: humanity. Its theme, “Keep Qual Human” is a rallying cry, calling on researchers and strategists to explore how we navigate the rapidly-changing world of qualitative research. How do we stay true to the mission of understanding humans while embracing advances in technology? How can the technology of today help us empathize with people? The 2020 QRCA conference is co-chaired by WE’s Jay Picard.

With: Jay Picard, WE’s senior vice president of planning, is responsible for leveraging research, trends, competitive analysis and cultural context to inform brand, communication and marketing strategies. Picard led his own brand consulting firm for nearly five years, directing insights and brand work for Google, Dale Chihuly, McDonald’s, Microsoft, NextGen Healthcare, Anker, PEMCO Insurance and many more. Since joining WE, he has helped develop Microsoft engagement strategies and has helped bring on new clients.