Key takeaways of 2017

We’ve recently released all 2017 market and category data to the public. Download any (or all!) of the decks below to see it for yourself:

Check out some highlights from 2017 below:

Brands can offer stability. In Australia, 83% of respondents believe brands can provide stability in this rapidly changing environment.

German participants have the most positive emotional connection to computing devices, as 61% generally love computing devices.

67% of South Africans want brands to deliver a balance on great products and services, plus long-term social value.

Some bitter necessity for Health & Wellness in the US, as 60% of respondents say they hate these companies, but the same number can't live without them.

Nobody needs, but everyone wants. 72% of UK respondents have no need for alcoholic beverage companies, but 82% absolutely plan to purchase.

While Finance and Banking gives the US and UK audiences headaches, 75% of respondents in China say their impression of these companies is amazing.

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