Brands live in a world of constant motion. Tech disruption, economics, crises, regulation — every little moment affects how your stakeholders see you. And consumer expectations never stand still.

WE Communications, in partnership with YouGov, set out to understand this world of motion — and how brands might harness that movement to navigate the complexities of disruption and dislocation, and win consumers’ love.

What did we find?

  • Three years and 80,000 respondents and Brands in Motion has never seen a consumer expectation decrease at the global level.
  • Consumers think everyone is accountable for the ethical use of technology — brands, governments and consumers themselves.
  • To thrive in the consumer revolution, brands must be human to the core.

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To tap into the new brand loyalty, brands need to act with bold purpose in the world.

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Across genders, geographies and generations, we all share the same mindset on technology.

71% say that changes to technology benefit most people
69% say change is happening too fast
83% believe brands could be capable of providing stability


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