Global issues are causing new anxieties. The cost of living is on the rise; the earth’s temperatures are climbing and fears around AI’s impact on our world are growing. World events present new stressors each day, and for people around the globe, these concerns are immediate and personal.

Communicators need new rules for maintaining a strong corporate reputation in this rapidly shifting world. The public’s expectations of brands are changing. WE’s 2023 Brands in Motion research reveals four new rules of corporate reputation – from recognizing the personal nature of global issues and prioritizing transparency, to taking care of your employees and embracing AI.

What did we find?

  • Transparency in the form of hard data, employee testimonials and admissions of shortcomings is key to tackling the surging cynicism people feel around companies delivering on their promises.

  • Brands need to have the courage to focus and reset. While 61% of respondents are skeptical of brands delivering on their commitments, 8 out 10 believe that reputation can be improved by realigning priorities.

  • Maintaining a positive employer-employee relationship by respecting work-life balance and providing fair compensation is a top factor contributing to a company’s corporate reputation.



Worldwide, people are anxious about the rising cost of living, with 60% expecting brands to address it.

50% of respondents are skeptical of brands’ promises around solving societal issues, assuming the motivation is purely financial.

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92% say strong and positive employer-employee relations are key to building a great corporate reputation.

Brands need to embrace AI, as 64% of respondents agree that responsible use of new technology affects corporate reputation.

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Consumers want brands to succeed, with 8 out of 10 believing that reputation can be improved.

Companies can authentically prove their commitment to solving societal concerns with transparency around their motivations, actions and results.


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