Technology brands are acutely aware that the business landscape is changing faster than ever, and the pressures are significant. Tech brands must stay engaged with customers and employees, balance profitability and innovation, and meet the growing expectations that they address challenging societal issues.

To help brands navigate through the changes ahead, WE Communications shares three key tech-focused insights from our Brands in Motion research. 


Technology business decision-makers told us they:

Expect brands to take bold stances and share their purpose journeys.

  • 90% of both enterprise technology decision-makers and consumers want companies to be clear about what they stand for, and 74% say brands should be transparent when informing the public about the actions they’re taking in response to current and emerging issues in society.

Want to work with brands that are deeply engaged with societal issues.

  • 84% of B2B technology decision-makers say that during times of high societal division, businesses and organizations have a moral obligation to help bridge differences.

Prioritize purpose.

  • 77% of tech decision-makers say brands should focus equally on creating shareholder value and bringing their core values to life.

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