The global business community’s response to climate change is growing in both urgency and sophistication, and brands are realizing they need to ensure that the move to a more climate-friendly economy is fair and equitable to all people and communities — a principle known as “just transition.”

We surveyed business leaders from around the globe about how their companies are communicating their climate commitments and their move toward a just transition strategy. Our latest report explores those findings and five actions brand leaders can take now to move from lofty climate commitments toward measurable, equitable impact.


  • 61% of executives say their company is implementing or planning to implement a "just transition" strategy, but only 40% of senior and middle managers are aware of such a strategy.
  • The top three actions brands can take to implement climate-change mitigation and equitable sustainability: protect jobs in areas most affected, address local impact in vulnerable communities, address the root cause and impacts of climate change in communities.
  • Nearly half of corporate leaders think shareholders would accept decreased returns to accelerate sustainability efforts. 

Download the report for more findings and counsel.

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