Creative teams are being stretched like never before.

On one hand, they’re being asked to achieve bigger results on smaller budgets. On the other, there’s more opportunity than ever to build groundbreaking projects across channels, disciplines and media.

But how do they create next-generation content with last-generation processes? And how can they build breakthrough creative when everyone is solving the same problems on the same platforms using the same optimization tools?

WE’s latest whitepaper details what led us to this inflection point, and how brands can build creative that truly connects with customers. It takes leaning into new strategies and forward-thinking creative processes. Most of all, it requires brands to be human to the core.

What did we find?

  • The attention economy and over-optimization is squeezing brands’ ability to connect with consumers.
  • Examples of creative that’s human to the core, providing content that solves consumers’ problems AND connects with their hearts.
  • 3 ways to optimize for the creative tasks of the future, including strategies for overhauling creative processes and team shape.
No more square pegs in round holes. No more digital creative that looks the same as everyone else's.