In an increasingly crowded conversation, WE Communications shares the key to breaking into the global cybersecurity dialogue.

Whether it’s the Colonial Pipeline, Solar Winds or even just a family member’s ill-fated click on a phishing email, cybersecurity matters to everyone — and everyone is paying attention. Communicators in the cybersecurity industry face an enormous challenge to compete for visibility in an increasingly crowded conversation.

So how do you cut through the noise and tell stories that really matter? WE Communications looked at the data to find out what's resonating in the global cybersecurity dialogue.

What did we find?

There’s a disconnect between where brands are focusing and what people care about.

  • Though most brands tend to focus on product and company news, those are the least engaged type of content.

  • The real cybersecurity discussion is about people and the future. Human-led stories represent only 20% of the cybersecurity conversation, but drive twice the engagement.