The Future Role of Brands

Although brands in western markets are ahead when it comes to leading with purpose, consumer expectations in traditionally pragmatic China are beginning to catch up. Now, Chinese consumers want to see a defining purpose behind the products and services they love. 

It’s a pivotal moment for brands operating in China, and an opportunity to get ahead of a shift in consumer mindset. A great product is no longer enough. Brands must clearly define why they do what they do in China to remain relevant to their customers. 

Undertaken in partnership with Kaleido Insight, WE’s new Purpose in China study surveyed to find out how brands in China are responding to these new consumer expectations. 

What did we find?

  • There is a thirst for purposeful brand leadership in China — even if Chinese business professionals are unsure of what exactly “purpose” means. 
  • Purpose in China should be relevant and hyperlocal. 
  • The 4Bs, tested strategies for brands looking to connect, engage and win customers through leading with purpose.