The healthcare industry saves lives, cures disease, and makes us healthier and happier, yet many consumers view it with apathy.

Today’s healthcare brands operate in an environment of exponential expectations, where the pharma story consumers are most likely to see is about questionable ethics or the ballooning cost of care. How can healthcare brands evolve their communications strategies and earn consumer love?

Built on WE’s Brands in Motion global study, “The New Healthcare Brand Imperative: Be Different in the Face of Indifference” sheds light on why this industry is having such a hard time connecting. It also reveals a new imperative. To address indifference on a global level, healthcare brands need to show up and act differently.

What did we find?

  • Technology is changing the ethical conversation and negatively impacting our health — and opening up new communications approaches at the same time.
  • Brands must be human to the core, treating every data announcement or regulatory milestone as an opportunity to connect and tell a meaningful story.
  • How healthcare brands can look to other industries undergoing major disruption for guidance.