communications, covid-19 and the race to recovery

As summer kicks off and Americans return to restaurants, bars, offices and airports, it feels like we’re entering the recovery period as quickly as we entered the pandemic. Many tech brands are feeling the whiplash. Video calling, remote work infrastructure and virtual learning helped us when we were at our most vulnerable. Now that the recovery is here, what role does technology play in our lives?

WE partnered with YouGov to understand what Americans want and expect from tech-fueled innovation in this crucial moment.

What did we find?

Tech brands face increased demand, higher expectations and a craving for innovative simplicity.

  • Only 15% of Americans want to disconnect — the vast majority want to use tech more than ever 
  • 58% of Americans say their expectations of technology increased as a result of using more of it during the pandemic 
  • 70% of Americans expect companies to continue to innovate during the recovery phase

Download the insights report for more findings and analysis of what this means for tech brands during the pandemic recovery period.

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