4 keys to influencer marketing in 2018



From the battle of the bots to infiltration of the customer journey, Trevor Jonas highlights 4 key themes that promise to shape influencer marketing for brands and consumers. 


Consistently identifying and engaging your target audience with the right message has never been more challenging. Communicators face an ever-expanding volume of content, shrinking newsrooms and distrust in the media, shorter attention spans, and technologies like ad-blockers—all compounded by a market that’s always in motion

One strategy that has managed to cut through the noise for many is influencer marketing. A recent study by Captiv8 estimated that big brands spend a collective $255 million per month for sponsored posts on Instagram alone. What’s more, worldwide Google Search interest in the term "influencer marketing" is at its highest point in the past 12 months. It makes sense: influencers are experts at navigating the constant motion of an always-on world and connecting with consumers on an emotional level.

From the debacle that was the Fyre Festival, to the Federal Trade Commission’s continued crackdown on brands and influencers who fail to disclose their relationships, to Amazon launching its own influencer program, 2017 was a critical year of evolution for the industry. As we look ahead to 2018, here are several key themes that promise to shape influencer marketing for brands and consumers alike.


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