Agility PR: Generative AI Has Taken PR and Comms by Storm

May 17, 2023


New PR Research: Generative AI Readiness is Critical to the Future of Communications

Agility PR, Richard Carufel, 17 May, 2023

Generative AI has taken PR and communications by storm—all business fields, really. But as useful and resourceful as it’s proving to be, senior comms professionals are still a bit intimidated by AI. New industry research from comms giant WE Communications and the distinguished USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations, finds that of the nearly 400 senior pros they surveyed, the overall assessment can be summed up in two words: fascinated and frightened.

In "Fascinated and Frightened: How Are Communications Professionals Viewing the AI Opportunity Ahead?", WE and USC found that leaders recognize the importance of AI for the future but don't yet have the knowledge and experience. The new research captures the survey insights and analyzes how comms pros can apply them to their work.