Biz Community: Consumers want to see brands' humanity



Consumers want to see brands' humanity - finds Brands in Motion 2019 global study

According to WE Communications' Brands in Motion 2019 global study, 90% of South Africa respondents believe that brands could play an even greater role in providing stability. Additionally, 88% of consumers in South Africa say they expect brands to take a stand on important issues.

The data uncovered a growing expectation and clear opportunity for brands to bring greater stability to what has become an increasingly polarized world.

Over the past three years, the Brands in Motion study has surveyed nearly 80,000 consumers and B2B decision-makers to understand the impact of market forces and quantify how perception shifts are impacted by them over time. 

This year’s study exposed three main themes:

High expectations 

With greater choice and knowledge at their fingertips, consumers are more empowered than ever to make demands of brands. We see this playing out on several fronts – from climate change to data privacy.

Today’s consumer uprising is also reflected in the Brands in Motion study results: Since its inception, not a single global consumer expectation has decreased.

“South African consumers have an extremely high expectation of brands. Brands today face a high-stakes environment – insatiable expectations, a push for accountability from all sides, and a consumer audience that has unprecedented levels of customisation, knowledge and choice at their fingertips,” said WE South Africa general manager James Wilson.