Man hiking up mountain - Six lessons from Patagonia on Brand Purpose

Campaign US: How to be Brave and Still Make a Profit

December 10, 2021


Kristin Flor Perret, EVP, Head of Global Agency Marketing, Provides Brands Six Lessons from Patagonia

Campaign US, 10 December 2021

(Photo courtesy of Campaign US)

While developing our 2021 report, The Bravery Mandate, an employee suggested featuring Patagonia as a brand that takes bold stands to live its values.

A few people objected. “Everyone talks about Patagonia,” one said.

But we realized that was exactly why we should feature Patagonia. Our data revealed that people expect brands to help our troubled world more than ever. But while brand leaders know that corporate responsibility and purpose are essential, many also worry that acting on societal issues will damage their bottom line.