Geoffrey Sidari, SVP of Analytics, WE Communications interview with DS Simon Media

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How Can Communicators Get the Most Value out of data?

Geoffrey Sidari, Senior Vice President of Analytics, WE and Douglas Simon Discuss The Value of Data 

DS Simon Media, 3 May, 2022

Geoffrey Sidari, SVP of Analytics at WE Communications, and Douglas Simon, CEO, DS Simon Media discuss the value of data. In this episode of PR's Top Pros Talk, Geoffrey offers best practices on developing a data strategy and necessary skillsets. Geoffrey also shares predictions on the future of data analytics in communications.

"We’re focused on having a single source of truth for a couple of reasons. One, it provides consistency, and it provides clarity. Making sure that every time you go back to the data, whether it’s every month, or every week, you’re able to tell the same story over time. And then from a clarity standpoint, making sure that you’re not jumping around from tool to tool, trying to get the best metric, providing data from one source of truth helps both our analytic team, our agency account team, and our clients, be able to understand the data faster and ask more advanced questions as they become more in tune with the data they’re given."