Mumbrella: The road to retirement: WE Buchan without Tom

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The road to retirement: WE Buchan without Tom Buchan

WE Buchan EVP Rebecca Wilson reflects on the retirement of Tom Buchan, who has been at the helm of the public relations agency for the past three decades.

Rebecca Wilson, Mumbrella, March 26, 2019

This year marks my 20th at WE Buchan. It’s a relationship that has not only lasted the test of time but flourished. Like any long-term relationship there have been times where I’ve been completely loved up, and others when I thought we were headed for divorce. While many of my work family have separated, here I remain two decades on.

When I think about successful relationships there are many things that contribute. Transparency. Trust. Selflessness. Advocacy.

This story isn’t about me though. It’s about the man I’ve spent that 20-year relationship with, a relationship that has surpassed marriages, divorces, children, and the inevitable ups and downs of business. It’s about Tom Buchan, who after four decades, is retiring.


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