PRMoment: Ruth Allchurch, MD of WE UK on the PRmoment Podcast

September 9, 2022


Ruth Allchurch Shares Her Story and Leadership Insights

PRmoment, 9 September, 2022

Ruth Allchurch, WE UK's managing director, sits down with's founder Ben Smith in this episode of the PRmoment podcast. In this episode, Allchurch discusses her career to date including her time at Diageo, experience at Cirkle and recently WE Communications where she has been able to double the UK firm's income. Allchurch shares how in four years as WE UK's managing director, she has doubled the firms UK income. 

"There is no scope for ambiguity when you're looking to grow a business... We were over-servicing on low fee accounts... it's not about more clients, it's about having healthier partnerships with the ones we choose to work with," said Allchurch.