PRovoke: The Changing Face of Communications in a Privacy-first Era

June 29, 2022


WE Communications Regional Technology Lead, APAC, Sara Pereira, Writes On Unlocking the Power of Data in Client Relationships

PRovoke, 29 June, 2022

For as long as I can remember, the role of privacy communications has been largely reactive. While communicators established crisis management frameworks, shaped the policy agenda and defined leadership positioning, more often than not, we were addressing the fallout of data or regulatory breaches. 

When customers can praise you one minute and cancel you the next, taking a more proactive approach to privacy communications can be a competitive advantage for brands and businesses. This insight is a key finding of WE's latest Brand in Motion report, "The Privacy Mandate: New Normal, New Rules," which defined "data privacy" as the consumer's understanding of how an organization is gathering their data and what it's using this data for. 

Read the full article to answer the question, "How can communicators make data privacy an exciting part of a brand's relationship with its customers?"


(Photo courtesy of PRovoke Media)