PRovoke: Growing Cynicism Calls for Bolder & Braver Brands



Brands Today Must Be Brave: Fear Less. Do More.

WE Communications' latest Brands in Motion Research Finds that, with growing consumer skepticism, brands need to accept that they can't please everyone. 

PRovoke Media, Diana Marszalek, 22 September 2021

NEW YORK — Caught in the crosshairs of activists and cynics alike, brands must fortify their efforts to promote the greater good — even at the risk of alienating some stakeholders — to avoid being seen as purpose-washing, according to the latest global Brands in Motion report from WE Communications.

Released Wednesday, the Bravery Mandate report, found the number of respondents expecting brands to bring stability to these rocky times has risen to 50%, which is 30% higher than it was in 2019. That number puts brands on par with other community pillars including educators (51%) and friends and family (49%). Only government (76%) ranked higher. Read more to find out more findings from the report.