PRovoke: Is Corporate Reputation the New Gold Standard?

February 28, 2023


Ben Fisher, Head of Health, UK, joins the Provoke Podcast to discuss the latest research on how healthcare companies can better engage with consumers by sharing their contributions to societal good. 

PRovoke Media, 28 February 2023

Where 202 saw the patient and healthcare relationship catapult into the spotlight, early 2023 research suggest we'll not be peddling backwards on that anytime soon. Ben Fisher, Head of Health UK at WE Communications, joins the PRovoke Media Podcast to discuss the agency's latest Brands in Motion Report—Healthy Reputations: More Than Medicine focused on the corporate reputations of biotech and pharmaceutical companies. 

Ben explains, "Beyond the functional characteristics of medicines, which are always going to come first, the reputation of a company is really important. It's both a driver and a barrier for a prescribing decision."

Listen to the podcast on PRovoke and download WE's latest report, Brands in Motion Report—Healthy Reputations: More Than Medicine.