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PRovoke Summit 2021: Navigating Tech's Reputational Chasm

October 27, 2021


Navigating the Love for Tech Products and the Growing Concern About Business Practices

Tech Brands Are Expected to Fix Society and Blamed for Disparity and Polarization at the Same Time

PRovoke Media, Diana Marszalek, 27 October 2021

(Photo courtesy of PRovoke Media)

WE's Mark Martin, Excecutive VP of Technology joined exports from Ketchum and Hotwire to explore the causes of the growing divide between consumers' love of technology and concerns about the companies that make it at the 10th PRovokeGlobal PR Summit. 

The heightened ambiguity of consumers’ relationships with technology was fueled by the Covid pandemic, during which users became simultaneously reliant on and overwrought with the machinery, industry experts say.

“We want to ‘tech our way out’ of challenges in the market, but we also don’t like that dependency, and it requires companies to have more authentic engagement and communication to address that,” Martin said.