PRWeek: A healthcare insider's guide to shifting content


SOURCE: https://www.prweek.com/article/1673555/healthcare-insiders-guide-shifting-content-good-great

A healthcare insider's guide to shifting your content from good to great

Why we all love an infographic, when not to use TikTok, and how you shouldn't overthink things when the time is right: WE Communications' Cecilia Dominici shares her tips for increasing engagement on digital and social channels

PRWeek, Feb. 10, 2020

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"Let’s be honest – there’s a lot of content out there that isn’t great," Cecilia Dominici, digital strategy and content director at WE Communications, told the audience at PRWeek’s PharmaComms conference. "As communicators in the health and pharma industry, we’re very lucky to have the opportunity to actually make a difference in people’s lives – and our content should reflect that.

"We need to make sure the stories we tell aren’t just adding to the digital landfill. How do we cut through the noise and make people pay attention?" She revealed her five key principles for creating content that really sings on digital and social.

1. Make it relevant

Creating content that’s relevant to your audience means thinking about what they’re already searching for and spending time reading, says Dominici. "What do they want to know? What have they engaged with previously? If we look at our own analytics and see that people are hitting ‘like’ and commenting on certain types of content, we have to investigate what resonated and build on that."