PRWeek Asia: Chinese Consumers Want Localised Brand Purpose


SOURCE: https://www.prweek.com/article/1663419/exclusive-chinese-consumers-want-brand-purpose-expect-localised-says-report

Exclusive: Chinese Consumers want brand purpose but expect it to be localised, says report

A WE Red Bridge report exclusively attained by PRWeek Asia highlights the unique needs and wants of Chinese consumers in the age of purpose.

Surekha Ragavan, PRWeek Asia, October 23, 2019

(Image courtesy of PRWeek Asia)

A new study by WE Red Bridge looking at brand purpose in China has found that the shifting power dynamic between brands and consumers is more apparent in China, where consumers’ expectations are at their highest, public sentiment at its most volatile, and customer loyalty still fleeting.

While the China market has been known to be pragmatic – more so than any other, globally – it is also aligned with the West when it comes to expectations for brands to be ethical with their data, take a stance on social issues, and play a wider role in society.

But where consumers in other markets take a broader world view (sustainability, inclusivity, etc), Chinese consumers expect brands to focus locally and prioritise China’s development. This means brands must look to define their role domestically and to build new levels of trust and respect with Chinese stakeholders.