PRWeek: Bellwether Survey - Agility Still Wins



Bellwether Survey 2020: Amid an era of constant evolution, agility will win

The third annual PRWeek/Boston University Communications Bellwether Survey took the temperature of the PR industry at a critical time and showed nimbleness will be key to survival.

Chris Daniels, PRWeek, 10 September 2020

(Photo courtesy of PRWeek)

The 2020 Communications Bellwether Survey, award-winning and peer-reviewed as the most robust in the industry, reflects a communications profession at a critical juncture when its skills have never been in more demand. 

The results uncover why some companies are navigating these seismic disruptions better than others.

Melissa Waggener Zorkin, WE’s global CEO and founder, says, agility and preparedness go hand in hand.

“Agility is rooted in preparedness, and communicators need to ensure they work with stakeholders to move from a ‘just-in-time’ mindset, to one of ‘just-in-case,’” she says. “Investing time and resources into preparedness strategies and comms plans ensures businesses can keep pace.”