Clubhouse Lessons For Brands From Demi Lovato And We Communications Expert

PRWeek: Clubhouse Lessons from Demi Lovato and Experts



Clubhouse Lessons for Brands From Demi Lovato and WE Expert

WE'S Julie Gates Joins the Discussion On Whether to Use the Booming App, Why Clubhouse Measurement is a Bummer and How Rivals Plan to Respond.

PRWeek, Chris Daniels, 19 March 2021

(Photo courtesy of PRWeek)

Singer Demi Lovato has been on a media blitz this month with interviews in The New York Times and Glamour to promote her YouTube Originals docuseries, “Dancing with the Devil.” 

But when it came to her forthcoming album, “Dancing With the Devil … The Art of Starting Over,” Lovato chose a relatively nascent channel to announce it: Clubhouse, the audio-only, invite-only chat app that has been growing like wildfire. 

One area where Clubhouse is very much lacking: metrics and user data. 

“Measurement for Clubhouse is a little tough since they don’t currently provide analytics,” says Julie Gates, SVP, digital and experience technology at WE Communications. “You can see who is listening in a room, but it’s a manual process [of scrolling profile images]. What you can measure, though, is the impact your influencer partnerships or Clubhouse activations have across other channels, which is really important in terms of a holistic content strategy.”