Picture of home good building from PRWeek: How Brands In Australia Are Driving Vaccination Awareness

PRWeek: How Brands In Australia Drive Vaccination Awareness

August 18, 2021

SOURCE: https://www.prweek.com/article/1725044/brands-australia-driving-vaccination-awareness

How brands in Australia are driving vaccination awareness

Brands such as Bunnings and Woolworths are encouraging consumers to get immunized—a role that has historically been solely reserved for the government.

PRWeek, Surekha Ragavan, 18 August 2021

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To date, Australia’s vaccination rate has been significantly lower than many other developed countries in the West, partly due to public hesitancy around AstraZeneca, the main component of its vaccination program. After the government raised the recommended age to 60 for AstraZeneca, many below that age were understandably fearful of opting for AstraZeneca and decided to await fresh Pfizer doses. And a ‘battle of the brands’ ensued.

On top of that, Australia’s low Covid rates also meant that the threat of the virus wasn’t high enough for many to warrant getting a vaccine, according to Emma David, head of health at WE Communications Australia. The Delta outbreak, however, could be shifting mindsets.