PRWeek: Microsoft's 'three-part test' for getting involved



Microsoft's 'three-part test' for getting involved

Global public affairs GM Dominic Carr says purpose has helped his company respond proactively to tech-sector criticism.

Thomas Moore, PRWeek, October, 17, 2019

(Image courtesy of PRWeek)

CHICAGO: Purpose is more than a guide for decision making. It can also help brands that are attempting to reinvent themselves, said panelists on PRDecoded’s Leading with Purpose in an Age Defined by It session. 

"We’ve always been a mission-driven company," said Dominic Carr, GM of global public affairs at Microsoft. "But the last five years, we’ve been purpose-driven. It really has become ingrained in the DNA, and it’s been a powerful decision-making tool that lets us make choices in difficult situations. I think those things come together, and this purpose-driven mission has really been a key part of this company's renaissance."