PRWeek: Dawn Beauparlant on The PRWeek Podcast

June 30, 2022


WE's Chief Client Officer and President of North America Talks Cannes, Supreme Court Decisions and Energy Clients. 

PRWeek, 30 June, 2022

Dawn Beauparlant sits down with PRWeek's Steve Barrett and Frank Washkuch to discuss current events, communications trends and brand purpose. 

"I think it depends on what you're talking about in terms of the purpose element, right. That term can be mean be interpreted in so many different ways. I come back to the fact that who you are as a company and what you stand for in this world will always be imperative and the best purpose work emanates from the clarity of answering those two questions," says Dawn Beauparlant.

For further insights on brand purpose strategies, crisis communications and sustainability, listen to the complete episode. 


(Photo courtesy of PRWeek)