PRWeek: Purpose and your people: A powerful combination



Purpose and your people: A powerful combination

Organizations are increasingly realizing the need to infuse purpose into all aspects of employee engagement. Tactics and inspiration toward that goal abounded during a recent WE-hosted virtual event.

Gideon Fidelzeid, PRWeek, 29 July 2020

(Photo courtesy of Laiken Gendregske/EyeEm via PRWeek)

In order for a brand to be strong on the outside, it must be healthy on the inside. That starts with employees.

So as organizations increasingly realize the importance of purpose, especially given the unprecedented and multiple challenges society is currently facing, it is crucial for them to build a more powerful sense of purpose with their staffs.

This was the prevailing and overriding sentiment as a quartet of industry leaders convened for a WE-hosted virtual event last week entitled “Inside Voices: Purpose-Driven Employee Engagement as a Catalyst for Change.”

Setting the stage for the webcast by capturing comments shared by a business leader with whom he’d recently spoken, Keteyian said, “We have to build a culture that can lean into change.”