Headshot of Erica Field, EVP of WE Communications Insights and Analytics

PRWeek: Tech Talk with Erica Fields, EVP of I&A


SOURCE: https://www.prweek.com/article/1685632/tech-talk-evp-insight-analytics-erica-fields

Tech Talk with WE EVP of insight and analytics Erica Fields

Kim Davis, PRWeek, June 8, 2020

Getting the right message to the right audience has always been important. Can you explain some of the ways technology is helping communications teams to do that with greater precision?

The first step for effective message tracking is to make sure you have clear, aligned and consistent messaging. Many clients want to track disparate messaging across brand, product and news, both globally and locally,  and that is possible, but it’s worth getting clear on what messages you are trying to track and why.