Quartz: How Resilient Purpose Can Help Your Business Thrive



How a resilient purpose can help your business thrive in turbulent times

Melissa Waggener Zorkin, Quartz, 13 July 2020

Have the last six months left you feeling hopeful and clear about what tomorrow will bring?

I didn’t think so. 

We’re living through extraordinarily difficult and uncertain times, and there are no easy solutions to the issues we face. But as business leaders—and as human beings—it’s our job to figure out a path forward and to do so in a way that creates positive change in the world.

The coronavirus pandemic triggered an economic disaster that continues to unfold. In a recent survey by WE and Quartz Insights, a whopping 80% of business leaders called economic downturns the biggest threat to purpose leadership. Although it may be tempting to prioritize quick economic fixes over values, every indicator shows that brands whose purpose persists through these hard times will thrive where others won’t.