Ragan: Communicators Must Take Advantage of AI

July 12, 2023

SOURCE: https://www.ragan.com/getting-to-your-summer-comms-priorities-before-ai-does/

Get to Your Summer Comms Priorities Before AI Does

Ragan, Jim Ylisela, 28 June 2023

If you work in communications, this summer is hardly the time to sit back and relax. Everything is changing and if prickly social and workplace issues aren't enough to get your blood pumping, consider the one truly existential threat to your profession: Artificial Intelligence. 

It's no surprise that communicators may be wondering whether AI will take over their writing duties. In a recent study from WE Communications and USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations, "Fascinated and Frightened: How Are Communications Professionals Viewing the AI Opportunity Ahead?" only 16% of communications pros say they are extremely knowledgeable about applications of AI in communications.

Communicators must learn how to use AI to their advantage, not keep it from their door. Read more and download WE's latest AI communications report to learn more. 



(Photo courtesy of Ragan)