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Institute of Public Relations: Speak Up Or Stay Quiet?



How Brands Should Think About Engaging on Societal Issues

Hannah Peters, EVP, Corporate Reputation & Brand PUrpose advises leaders how to develop and use an internal compass

Institute of Public Relations, Hannah Peters, 12 November 2021

Deciding whether, and how, to weigh in on political or societal issues is an increasingly common and difficult challenge for brands. When opinions are so divided, why risk alienating a segment of your customer base? But in today’s environment, staying silent can be even more damaging to a brand’s reputation.

To know whether, and how, to engage, brands must first understand the complex new landscape they’re operating in. WE Communications’ 2021 Brands in Motion report, a global survey of consumers and B2B decision-makers, finds that brands today face confusing and contradictory feedback from stakeholders regarding their engagement on societal issues.