Sustainable Brands: Successful Leaders Need Feminine Traits



the Most Successful, sustainable Organizations Will Be Driven By Feminine Leadership

Hannah Peters, EVP of Corporate Reputation & Brand Purpose, Joins Panel Discussion To Identify The Types of Leadership Brands Need and the Gender Shift

Sustainable Brands, 23 November 2021

(photo courtesy of Tima Miroscnichenko/PEXELS)

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon at SB'21 San Diego, a standing-room-only lunch session packed with women from all corners of business delved into the evolving nature of sustainable leadership — a collaborative, more empathetic style of leadership that is emerging to meet the moment.

Gwen Migita — Senior Principal of ESG at Point B; formerly VP of Social Impact, Sustainability and DEI at Caesars Entertainment — led the discussion with three women who have risen to the highest ranks within their organizations. Migita opened by asking the three executives what female leadership means to them and their companies.

“Over the years I've nearly always worked in citizenship and sustainability, and nearly all my clients have been women; so, I take that as one data point — there are a lot of powerful women in sustainability roles,” said Hannah Peters.