The Holmes Report: Consumers Call Brands To Unify Our World



Study: Consumers Are Calling On Brands To Unify Our Polarized World

WE Communications' Brands in Motion study finds 83% of consumers believe companies could play a bigger role in making the world a better place.

Diana Marszalek, The Holmes Report, September 18 2019

NEW YORK — With faith in institutions waning, consumers are stepping up pressure on brands to address the world's problems, according to the third annual global Brands in Motion study from WE Communications.

The study, released Tuesday, found 83% of consumers believe brands could play a greater role in providing the stability they aren’t getting from traditional sources, primarily by taking concrete action to abate societal ills.

“Consumer expectations are not going down but continue to rise,” said WE global chief operating officer Kass Sells. “There is big opportunity to create stability in a world that is increasingly polarized.”