Thrive Global: The New Normal for Business Leaders

March 8, 2021

SOURCE: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/forget-normal-as-leaders-we-need-to-focus-on-being-human/

Forget Normal. As Leaders, We Need to Focus on Being Human

The Past Year Has Taught Us Critical Lessons on The Importance of Leading With Empathy In This New Era.

Thrive Global, Kristin Flor Perret, 28 April 2021

(Photo courtesy of Thrive Global)

WE's Kristin Flor Perret, SVP Global Marketing, tells a story of how being vulnerable as a leader has helped her and her team continue to succeed in turbulent times.

Nearly three months into lockdown I was on a Teams meeting, I noticed that one of my team members seemed off. So afterward I called him.

I’ve always strived to be a compassionate leader, but the system often rewards a more driven and task-oriented mindset. After the pandemic hit, that style no longer worked. I spent a lot of time asking myself, “How do I lead when I feel so uncertain myself? What is my role in this suddenly-unrecognizable world?”

I’m not alone. In a recent WE Communications survey of C-suite executives and senior managers, 86% of leaders told us that this past year has made them more introspective, and the majority have spent time examining their own fears, limitations and defenses. They’re also working to identify the gaps between their intentions and their actions.