USC Annenberg: A Sustainable Future Must Not Leave People Behind

December 16, 2022


Melissa Waggener Zorkin, WE Global CEO, Shares Her Sustainability Passion with USC Annenberg's Relevance Report

USC Annenberg, 16 December, 2022

As companies focus on their sustainability goals it's imperative that we prioritize people most impacted by climate change to ensure a just transition.

Melissa Waggener Zorkin shares her experience working on the ground with a local community in Ethiopia and her passion for creating a sustainable future. In the community, the women were turning garbage into fuel pellets, creating an energy source for the people in their community while providing the women with a strong sense of purpose by playing their part in creating a better, sustainable world. 

"These purpose-driven women got the same message about climate change that is ringing in our ears today: Communication works! But the message isn’t landing everywhere with the same urgency... In 2023, the conversation must shift to prioritize communities on the margins already suffering the fierce impacts of climate change today. Our work to save our planet must be equitable; it must be a just transition.'



(Photo Courtesy of USC Annenberg)