Thrive: Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Shatter the Glass Ceiling



Sisterhood alone isn't enough. For Women to Rise Through the Ranks, Men Need to Pick Up Their Sledgehammers Too.

Thrive, 21 March, 2022

(Photo courtesy of PRovoke/Getty Images)

Kristin Flor Perret, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Marketing at WE Communications, writes on the necessity for equal representation and the importance of creating cultures of mutual respect, trust and care.

Unequal power structures are the root of all conflict. That’s why we need equal representation. We need the people in the seats of power to look like the people they are negotiating on behalf of. This is bigger than the vice president’s office or the occasional CEO’s office — the change needs to happen at every level of our society. More representation will bring us closer to equality. And we need to tap the power and goodwill of our collective allies.

The problems of equality in this world can feel huge and overwhelming, but in our own small ways, we can each help move the needle. Here’s how to start.