Climate Pledge Arena: Changing the Game on Sustainability

Climate Pledge Arena and Seattle Kraken

How WE helped reveal the Seattle Kraken's new sustainable arena to the world.


Months before Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena opened its doors, excitement in the city was mounting. Seattleites had watched the construction quietly continue through the darkest days of the pandemic and were eager to visit the most sustainable arena in the world, and cheer on the city’s new National Hockey League team, the Seattle Kraken. But although local coverage was ensured, the Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena wanted the conversation to travel beyond city limits and transcend the sports world to capture global attention.

WE’s goal was to help the Seattle Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena tell a larger story about its sustainability commitments and tech innovation on a national stage — creating inspiration and excitement outside the sports sector.

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WE crafted a visual-first storytelling strategy that would establish the venue as the most progressive, responsible and sustainable arena in the world. It centered on showcasing the arena’s sustainability ambitions and the leadership team’s desire to impact the industry and show leadership in the climate space.

To bring that impact to life, the team built a strategic broadcast media plan anchored in visual storytelling. Using compelling imagery and diverse voices, WE highlighted the arena’s groundbreaking approach, including the removal of all fossil fuels, the installation of solar panels, the commitment to zero waste and single-use plastics, providing free public transit for game and event attendees, and taking the rain from the roof to make the NHL ice.

In addition, the arena wanted to showcase its innovation and protocols, given they were opening during the pandemic. Features include its state-of-the-art air-filtration system and contactless ticketing and food-and-beverage cashiers. Through captivating imagery and knowledgeable spokespeople, the team grabbed the attention of top-tier media outlets.

The combination of WE’s visual storytelling capabilities and strong broadcast influencer relationships enabled the team to communicate the full scope of the Kraken’s commitment sustainability and innovation.


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WE secured broad coverage across the U.S. and Canada and succeeded in making the Seattle Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena more than just a local sports story.

  • Broadcast coverage from top-tier national media outlets including CBS Mornings, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Cheddar News.
  • TV and radio airings reaching an estimated 3.1M TV viewers and 238K radio listeners.
  • Online video placements reaching an estimated 194.4M unique viewers monthly.
  • To provide both depth and breadth to the storytelling, sustainability-focused soundbites from Climate Pledge Arena's sustainability expert, Jason McLennan, CEO of McLennan Design, were distributed through an audio bite line reaching an additional estimated 10.8M listeners.


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