Launching a China-Specific DevOps Solution


Breaking into a competitive sector via trend jacking.


JiHu wanted to introduce GitLab’s DevOps platform, an iteration tailored for China-based enterprises, to one of the world’s largest software development markets. The open-source industry in China was already saturated with local competitors, and JiHu needed a way to break through the clutter as the leading code-hosting and project management software provider.


JiHu partnered with WE Red Bridge to launch and elevate its brand. Through a mix of paid and earned media, WE Red Bridge built the narrative around JiHu’s position as a provider of a locally supported, China-specific GitLab solution that can deliver software faster and more securely, maximizing the value of DevOps from design to production.

The launch involved an aggressive program of events and media outreach: Timing the announcement to leverage the buzz generated by the annual “Two Sessions” meetings of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), introducing JiHu and telling its story to key business, mass and technology media audiences, and fleshing out the company’s mission and vision.


JiHu's launch campaign generated coverage from more than 200 media outlets in two weeks, elevating its image as the premier open-source platform in China.

The campaign's results included:

  • 90M impressions
  • 300+ leads generated
  • 260 total clippings


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