McDonald's Global McDelivery Night In

McDonald's Global McDelivery Night In 

How McDonald’s and WE got customers cozy and shattered sales records



The Atlantic said it best in August 2019: “Eating in is the new dining out.” But with many food delivery options, from quick-service to white tablecloth restaurants, brands have to jockey hard to generate awareness, stay relevant and drive sales. McDonald’s wanted a fresh approach for its third annual Global McDelivery Day to:

  • Increase awareness of the brand’s McDelivery service.
  • Drive orders, especially from first-time or lapsed customers in key demographics like young, single millennials and college students.
  • Encourage franchises in global markets to participate in McDelivery.


We started researching consumers’ eating in habits and found that in 2019:

Thursday Night is the hottest time on social for delivery discussion

82% of food delivery orders were placed from home

72% of trendsetters would rather stay home than go out

60% of McDelivery orders are placed at night

Our insight was that “going out is overrated,” so we turned “Day” to “Night.” Enter Global McDelivery Night In, a Thursday night for those cozy trendsetters who wanted to enjoy delicious, craveable food at home, in comfort.  We married our insight with the increasing cultural relevance of cozy culture, like hygge, by creating the McDelivery Night In line — an exclusive line of apparel and accessories available only through McDelivery on Global McDelivery Night In.

McDelivery Night In was a global proposition that each national market took and made its own. From a pop-up living room in Romania to a charity partnership in Canada, each market tailored its activations to its particular audience. Before taking the campaign and all the swag to the global masses, we previewed the McDelivery Night In’s line at an experiential event for consumer media and influencers on Sept. 17 in New York City, mobilizing social influencers through paid and owned social content (and co-branded GIPHY stickers).


Global McDelivery Night In increased awareness, drove sales and more than doubled global market participation with McDonald’s — 50 countries got in on the fun. Not only was it the busiest delivery Thursday on record (the last record was previously held by McDelivery Day in 2018), but the interest carried into the next day, leading to McDonald’s most ever delivery orders in one day.

The campaign garnered 465 global media placements with a reach of 27.8M, including Sohu, CheddarPeople, IDN Times and Lifestyle AU. This was an increase from 179 placements and a reach of 15.9M in 2018. On social, it reached 31.4M global users through celebrity and influencer social posts from the likes of JoJo Fletcher, Maura Higgins and Ashley Benson.