The custom-made social media dashboard is a thing of beauty.

Relax. Your social media strategy is under control.

The insights allow local decision makers to take smart action.

Social Media Metrics Get A Makeover

When it comes to choosing beauty products, where do people turn for advice and recommendations? Their friends and family, of course. So it’s no surprise that The Body Shop, a leading beauty brand, puts a lot of resources into social media marketing. But with so many different global markets, proving the impact of its social campaigns was tricky. And translating social data into meaningful and actionable metrics was even more daunting.

Enter The Body Shop social media dashboard. This interactive digital tool provides a highly visual analysis of all social platforms and answers the important questions: How many impressions are posts generating? Are people engaging with the content? Are they clicking to learn more? Are they clicking to purchase?

And the deeper the dive, the deeper the insight becomes. The dashboard also lets local decision-makers see what types of content are working best. And when a pinpointed channel is underperforming, teams can take appropriate action (like boosting paid media). Social listening functionality shows what beauty topics are on customers’ minds. It can even identify which specific social influencers are having the biggest impact.

The new social media dashboard is doing more than just giving social metrics a pretty face; it’s helping prove there’s no reason substance and style can’t coexist.