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WE COMMUNICATIONS: Are Demographics Dead When It Comes To Marketing

WE looks at the impact on time on purchase decisions in 2016 version of Content Matters report with first quarter coverage of SG, HK and India


Asia Pacific, 30 June 2016 – Leading independent integrated communications agency, WE Communications released their Content Matters 2016 report in Singapore. Findings show that both Singaporeans and Hong Kongers prefer to upgrade their financial products, unlike Indians who are more likely to get a new mobile device or tablet when they secure a promotion – these are changes related to life stages rather than age group transition. This year, the report focused on life experiences that trigger purchasing decisions, when and how they share those moments and what social platforms they use to share brand content. Across all three markets, a total of 1,500 respondents aged 18-44 were surveyed in partnership with international internet-based market research firm, YouGov.


Carolyn Camoens, Senior Vice President, Southeast Asia, WE Communications and Henry Wood, Vice President, Head of Insight & Analytics and Creative, Asia Pacific, presented the findings of the research at a cross-industry event organized by the American Chamber of Commerce Singapore.


Carolyn Camoens said, “The lines between marketing and public relations have blurred, but reliable data bridges that gap and offers valuable insights that will help clients and marketers. With our fingers on the industry pulse and knowledge of cross market comparison, we can easily get down to what ticks.”  


A striking find was the similarity between consumer psychographic behaviour of well-known rivals, Hong Kong and Singapore. When it came to their preferred content platforms and the type of information that they are comfortable sharing with others, the preferences did not differ significantly. This carries deep implications for marketers, retailers and possibly investors because similar strategies can be easily applied to the two markets with content tweaks to ensure market relevance. It could also hint that companies should at least re-evaluate their Asia Pacific strategy because the marketing plans in both countries may be easier to implement than expected.


“Based on the findings, the market reports reflect each location’s general social beliefs and practices, and digital savviness. Specialised and technical industries such as Finance and Banking in Hong Kong and India enjoy consumer confidence in official sources of information, such as company sites. In contrast, Singaporeans preferred word of mouth for information across all surveyed 11 categories. The amount of control and influence that marketers can wield in these sectors is invaluable and perhaps, a state that is highly sought after by industries that are heavily subjected to personal preferences such as Food and Beverage,” said Henry Wood, VP, Head of I&A and Creative, WE Communications Asia Pacific.


Market highlights:


  • An average of 21% of Singaporeans prefer word of mouth as a source of information across all 11 categories surveyed while 16% would prefer search engines and 11% would go to company websites.
  • In India and Singapore, consumers are most keen to make new purchases or product upgrades when they get a promotion, land their first job and get married.
  • In Hong Kong, consumers are most keen to make new purchases or product upgrades when they get a promotion (22%), land their first job (19%) and leave their school (17%).


After the first round of market finding releases for Hong Kong, India and Singapore, the reports of China, Australia and Indonesia will be released in the second half of 2016 together with in-market activities to kick-off more in-depth conversations.


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About Content Matters


Debuted in 2014, Content Matters is the annual proprietary research conducted in Asia Pacific by leading independent integrated agency WE. Working in partnership with YouGov, renowned international market research firm, WE first explored how content on social media channels drove the bottom line for businesses in creating brand advocacy and purchase consideration.


In 2015, the focus shifted to what content is most likely to be shared by customers online, using which device and on what platforms across multiple key sectors.


Now in its third year, Content Matters is delving into the issue of time and how it heavily influences consumer purchase decisions rather than demographic indicators in 2016. Unlike the first two editions, WE will be releasing the report market by market to generate more in-depth discussions.


Respondents answered a series of questions related to their content consumption preference and how they interact with brands across different business categories. The report covers 11 sectors: Automobile, Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Finance & Banking, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Luxury Goods, Mobile Devices & Tablets, Personal Care Products, Restaurants, and Travel & Tourism.

For the Hong Kong report, the results are based on N=300, with a confidence level of 95%, creating a confidence interval of 5.66%.


For the India report, the results are based on N=900, with a confidence level of 95%, creating a confidence interval of 3.19%.


For the Singapore report, the results are based on N=300, with a confidence level of 95%, creating a confidence interval of 5.62%.


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