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How Comms Can Bridge the Health Tech Culture Clash

A WE Communications Whitepaper

The healthcare industry is undergoing dramatic evolution. Technology is transforming everything, from drug development and treatment options to data analytics and EHR security. And more change is coming.

When techies and healthcare experts come together, the outcome can be a harmonious partnership, delivering on the best of both industries, or it can be a complete culture clash. Technologies companies are inherent risk takers, move fast, and iterate based on real world experience. Healthcare companies, in contrast, are risk adverse, move slower due to being highly regulated, and want no surprises when a treatment or solution is introduced to the market.


Health Tech Communicators Closing the Divide

Today’s evolving industry requires a next-generation approach to health communications, one designed to ease the integration of these two cultures. Health tech communicators need to bring new, progressive approaches to this historically prescriptive industry.

What You’ll Learn

  • The cultural forces at work in tech and healthcare, and how they work together.
  • How health technology is evolving
  • The particular challenges of telling a health tech story
  • Six principles to help communicators bridge the cultural divide and tell health tech stories with impact


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