Elizabeth Herrera Smith

Senior Vice President, Consumer North America

Senior Vice President,
Consumer North America


What I do
I’m equal parts cat herder, story maker, customer champion and client whisperer. I love digging in with the brands I represent to draw out the essence of what makes them truly different and sharing that with the world.


Why I love what I do
Words have always been my friend; math was my nemesis (don’t get me started on Calculus!). The power of stories continues to take my breath away. Think about it -- stories are UNIVERSAL – across continents, generations, cultures. That is incredibly inspiring and humbling at the same time.  Sometimes I can’t believe I get to do this for a living.


The coolest things I’ve done
Open the first Microsoft retail store and the 20 plus stores after that. I’ll never forget staying up 24 hours with the team to ensure everything went off without a hitch before throwing open the doors of the first store in Scottsdale.  I tell people it’s a little like summer camp – you had to be there to truly experience the fun and chaos of that incredible adventure.


When I’m not working
Spoiling my dog way too much (he’s the alpha of the family), exploring the latest restaurants, music and theater in mostly cloudy Seattle, volunteering in my community and ALWAYS, ALWAYS wearing my curiosity hat to bring fresh ideas to what I do every day.