Drug Discovery, Comms and Blue Pills


Research into Viagra, the little blue pill for erectile dysfunction, demonstrated a reduction in heart attack risk. For those with long memories, this is of little surprise. The drug was originally investigated for angina, the chance discovery was what happened in the trouser department. It’s a classic example of analysing the whole picture, looking laterally, changing perspective, and not just narrowing in on what you’re interested in. A less inquisitive group would simply have said the pill didn’t have the initially determined CV effect and packed up shop. Some would say it’s an accident, but it takes a bright mind to spot something new for the first time. That concept of analysing all the information is exactly what WE do. We’re agile and aren’t constrained by pre-determined processes. Analysis feeds insight which feeds creativity and results.

Viagra is one of many examples of new discoveries of a drug’s use, but behind each one has been a deep understanding of the science. The repetition of molecular pathways throughout the body means that drugs hardly ever have a mode of action on one tissue or organ. Understanding all the points where a drug has an effect, based on an understanding of the wider physiology or pathology, allows for extension of the drug’s use. To stretch the metaphor, the same is true of communications. Sectors, even regulated ones like healthcare, aren’t closed to implementing new ideas, it’s how you apply your understanding to the area which counts.  

The final part of the recipe is being supported by a broad team of experts. Statisticians, clinicians and investigators, to name a few, continue to bring new perspectives and methods of analysis. For WE, it’s being totally immersed in an multi-disciplinary team of health, tech and digital experts to bring new insights and creativity to the fore.

Deep understanding, analysis and insights based on facts form the foundation of scientific discovery and communications creativity alike. From that approach, novel sector ideas are formed which can subtlety adjust or completely change the ways in which our clients work and the results they obtain. Ask us if you don’t believe us…