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Five Questions with Mark Sherman

— Five Questions Editors 

mark Sherman

Director of Corporate Engagement, Year Up

"Follow your passion (and not the money)."

Mark Sherman serves as director of corporate engagement for Year Up’s Seattle site. Prior to Year Up, Mark was VP of new business at Groundspeak, where he helped the company create a new product for the global travel and tourism market. Prior to that, he was a member of the executive team at Corbis, a private company owned by Bill Gates. Prior to Corbis, Mark worked at, a website development company serving Fortune 500 clients, and at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA, where he was an associate producer of feature films. Although he’ll deny it, Mark started his career as an accountant.

What should brands consider when implementing
purpose-driven work?

Hiring people who are genuinely attracted to — and motivated by — your organization’s purpose will pay enormous dividends. A common phrase around here when we’re interviewing is, “We don’t care how much you know, until we know how much you care.”

How can purpose shape a company’s future?

Having a clear purpose as your organization’s true north ensures a clarity of vision — and will help keep you out of the weeds.

What values are unique to your company?

We’re devoted to engaging and embracing diversity.

What career advice would you could give your younger self?

Follow your passion (and not the money).

Describe your leadership philosophy.

Model the way.

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